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"Yes, I will Support Seniors In Their Time Of Need"

Request for services are growing and when a request for our service is made we want to tell a senior “Yes, we can help you in your time of need.” In order to do so, we NEED you to say “yes”, I will support local seniors in their time of need.”

Will you donate $25, $50, $100, $200 or whatever amount you are able to contribute to help support the thousands of seniors who depend on your “yes?”


Another 50 Years

All because of supporters like you! As a donor, volunteer, advocate or community partner, your support has allowed us to show up for seniors when they needed us most. So when we celebrate 50 years of showing up for seniors, we are also celebrating YOU!

Your donations and advocacy can ensure we are available, another 5o years. At the forefront, advocating for issues older adults face.



Kathy is 73 and a recent widow. Her late husband handled all of their finances. After his death, the task became overwhelming for her and Kathy became significantly behind on rent and was facing eviction. It was then that she reached out to her church for help. Her ministry raised money to buy her food and pay her rent. They then contacted CASS for additional support. Currently, a small Social Security check, state housing assistance and $72 worth of food stamps is Kathy’s only income. CASS partnered with Kathy’s ministry for a long term solution to her financial struggles. She is now enrolled in CASS's Representative Payee program that allows a social worker to pay all of her bills on time and arrange payment plans with creditors. With counsel and support from CASS, Kathy is now stable and even able to save a small amount of money each month.

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Bernice is a retired social worker and a volunteer for CASS's Guardianship Assistance Program (GAP). Bernice is the guardian for Mary, a 98 year old post stroke client with dementia who has no family to make medical and care decisions for her. Bernice has assumed responsibility as Mary’s volunteer legal guardian. As a court appointed guardian, Bernice is trained to help Mary understand the legal process, and committed to working with her for the remainder of her life. She is responsible for making Mary’s health care decisions and helping her with everything from securing eyeglasses to end-of-life issues. Bernice shared that it is her responsibility to make sure Mary is comfortable, has someone she can trust and receives quality medical care. Bernice shared "My commitment meets a real need. I’m so lucky to have a home and a large close knit family that I wanted to help someone else. I would do anything for Mary that I would do for my family if it would enhance her quality of life.

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CASS CEO Tracey Collins​ received a voicemail the other day in regards to a woman (Opal) searching for help. In the voicemail, Opal informed CASS that she had some upper respiratory problems, along with limited mobility due to a torn rotator cuff. She had not been successful in reaching her providers so she 'Googled' senior services and contacted CASS. She was ashamed to admit she had not had a bath in a month due to her limitations and health issues. After Tracey heard Opal's message, she immediately called back to offer assistance. Tracey made sure contact was made with Opal's home health care company and someone came out to Opal's home that same day. Tracey reassured Opal that she would get the continued support that she needed. Opal responded with, "Thank you, you are my Guardian Angel."

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